I recently stumbled upon a fan site of Grammarics on Facebook.  It is an English material that showcases pictorial representations of key grammar concepts, punctuation and word usage.  It is coupled with humorous caricature of commonly misused grammar points that explains why that usage is incorrect.  Then, opposite that is another caricature which shows the proper description and appropriate grammar usage.

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Photo credits to

One funny example is the proper use of commas. For writing, this is a strict rule.  However,  pauses apply as equally when speaking.  Missing out  when to pause can bring a whole new meaning to the original thought of the sentence.  Always remember that pauses are important.

Photo credits to

Photo credits to

Another very helpful example is proper sentence construction.  Many  ESL students get confused where to place their descriptions such as the example above.  This material gives straight forward explanations as to why we ought to construct our sentences in a certain way.

If you are a visual learner, or you find difficulty imagining long descriptive sentences, this material may just come in very handy for you.   A lot of their products come in PDF form in high resolution images at reasonable prices.  You may even order postcard images which are very easy to carry around whether you are traveling and still want to remember key English points, or whether you want to use them as flashcards to teach your kids key English principles.

You may visit their official website for more information:

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