Smart Student Quotes Volume 2

Here’s the second set of the collection of witty, profound, heart warming, and eloquently said quotes from One’s Word students.  Many thanks to teachers Shawie, Kaye, Sheila, Kristin, Arlene and Beejay for collecting astounding quotes from our students!

Watch out for the next set of remarkable insights from our students!


New Year’s Resolutions

My goal this year is to deepen my knowledge of marketing even more.That, and to continue working on my English.

The start of a new year is the best time to make changes in your life.

I want to give more than to get more, I also want to be more gracious and forgiving.
– Chisato H.

On Family and Relationships:

My parents took care of my grandparents.I’d like to do the same. I want to value my family and relatives.
-Masamichi M.

I saw my grandmother support my grandfather and mother. She was very kind. She was an admirable woman.
– Masamichi M.

I really respect my grandfather because he was generous of himself. There are few people like him nowadays.
-Masamichi M.


Courage is trusting myself and breaking the barrier.
-Kenichi A.

Courage is having a positive mind for something.
-Kayoko M.

FEAR- Failure to Encourage oneself in Accomplishing his/her Resolution
-Kayoko M.

Whatever you do, don’t be afraid to speak in English
-Tobby O.

Courage – “A strong feeling that overcomes difficulties”
-Haruki M.

If you overcome difficulties you have something valueable in return.
– Haruki M.

Fear is an illusion for people who have not started something.
-Kenji A.

Courage is something we have to have when we go beyond our limits.


You should accept yourself and live in the moment more.
– Anonymous

The school and the workplace are not the only places in the world. Explore. Live
– Anonymous

Actions represent what people think.

As consumers, we need to be responsible for the products we buy. We should educate ourselves.

Quality of life is based on your state of mind.

One of the best things that happened this year was meeting the OW teachers in Tokyo in April.


We need a leader who doesnt always depend on other peoples’ opinions.
– Chisato H.

I believe in MBWA (Management by walking around). Every leader should know his people.
– Atsushi I.


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